Patricia Medros is a Romana Kryzanowska-certified second generation Pilates instructor, teacher trainer, studio owner and presenter. Known for her ability to elicit a ‘deep kinesthetic experience’ with every exercise, Patricia is honored to share her approach and insights with other instructors through her workshops.

Healing with Classical Pilates
The Soul of Pilates
Pilates Progressions
Pilates Transitions
Pilates in Pregnancy & Postpartum
Pilates Props: Magic Circle
Pilates Props: Foam Roller

Healing with Classical Pilates (6 hours)
Low back disorders, shoulder impingements, knee problems, neck impairments: the hope for finding relief from these ailments is what brings many people to Pilates. This workshop equips teachers with a practical guide to discern and begin to ameliorate these conditions. Learn the workings of the bones (osteokinematics), the joints (arthrokinematics), and how Pilates’ integrated, whole-body view of the body fosters rehabilitation.

The Soul of Pilates (4 hours)
Whether first-time client or seasoned practitioner, all have the potential to experience Pilates as a deep kinesthetic experience. This profound oneness of body and mind through movement happens when we possess a keen understanding—in equal measure cognitive and physical—of the root motor pattern of each exercise. This is the soul of Pilates. Learn propaedeutic exercises to execute correctly these primordial movement patterns. Then apply them to the Foundations Mat repertoire to deepen your understanding and effectively teach these transformational principles to others.

Pilates Progressions (8 hours)
Learn to sequence your clients’ advancement with logic and clarity from their first lesson through to the advanced level. Identify how each Pilates exercise is based on a primary motion pattern; feel this pattern deeply in your own body; then, challenge the mobility and stability requirements of each of these motion patterns with increased load, velocity, choreography, and balance demands, on various apparatus and according to a hierarchy of skill. Take back to your studio practical frameworks, tracking techniques, and guidelines, as well as case studies for working with special populations. Elicit in your clients feelings of triumph at their progressive accomplishments, while keeping you as an instructor motivated and engaged.

Pilates Transitions (4 hours)
The momentary pauses between exercises, the breaths between actions, transitions in Pilates are as essential to the repertoire as are the exercises. Taught with skill, transitions hold the potential for client and teacher alike to experience the lesson as a continuous and seamless whole, in harmony with the breath—a moving meditation. This is the mind-body connection at its most fulfilling potential. Learn the protocols and nuances of specific Pilates transitions on the Mat and apparatus (for all levels of expertise), as well as postures for approaching, mounting and dismounting the equipment.

Pilates in Pregnancy & Postpartum (6 hours)
Skillfully accompany your clients through all stages of pregnancy, maximizing their physical vitality and emotional health, even potentially surpassing their pre-pregnancy state of being. Learn how to adapt the Pilates repertoire, knowing what to do, what not to do, and why. Employing a systematic approach— beginning with osteology and continuing with ligamentous, muscular, hormonal, circulatory, respiratory and psychological transformations—we interpret all pregnancy and postpartum stages from a Pilates point of view, and in reference to the classical repertoire. Attention is given also to diastasis recti and other common pregnancy conditions, as well as to postpartum depression.

Pilates Props: Magic Circle (4 hours)
The Magic Circle has been put to many creative uses, adding variety and increasing resistance. The real magic, however, comes when we employ the Magic Circle to deepen our understanding of the fundamental principles of Pilates. Elicit in your clients those wonderful “aha!” moments when you teach Pilates using the Magic Circle in this more strategic and systematic way.

Pilates Props: Foam Roller (4 hours)
The foam roller is a wonderful, versatile, and comparatively affordable piece of equipment. Based on the principle of the Barrels, the foam roller allows greater extension of, and deeper expansion within, the body. In this workshop, learn a variety of uses, from fascial release of the neck and limbs to targeted work on segments of the spine. These exercises are appropriate for the ‘individual needs’ portion of your private lessons, as well as perfect for integration into group Mat classes.

NEXT STEPS Contact Patricia to discuss hosting a workshop in your studio. Topics can be adapted to specific needs. Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) continuing education credits available on all workshops.

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